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  1. Long ago Come Together was what what I remember you playing.
    You have come a long, long way since then. Great music.

  2. This is exactly the “Jazz” I listen to when in the mood for Jazz. Thank you Charles for inviting me to tune in.

  3. Hi Chuck, Wayne 3W7W gave me the link to your website. Marvellous collection ! Great job, thank you ! Vy 73 de Benny DL6FBH

  4. Hi Chuck, I’m Khanh Hoa from Vietnam. My cousin’s husband – Wayne- introduced me your website.
    Honestly, your works are fantastic, smooth and soft melodies. Thank you for the music. Hope to see your next jobs.

  5. Dear Chuck, my name is Mỹ. I am from Đà Lạt City of Vietnam. Thanks to Wayne Peterson, my nice neighbor, I am happy to listen to your awesome music! On occasion of New Year 2017, I wish that you will have more inspiration make more beautiful music!

  6. Dear Mỹ. Very happy to hear from Đà Lạt City of Vietnam. Thank you for your comments and I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!

  7. Thanks Greg appreciate the kind words…the piano/keys tracks are mine. The other tracks are midi/pro tools tracks provided by internet friends who are accomplished musicians and fortunately for me were interested in taking part in the project without credit. As far as a bio goes…I started playing trumpet at 12 years old and played it through high school. When in collage I lived in an apartment and couldn’t practice without a mute, which was frustrating. My roommate was a folk singer and his guitar was a continual temptation. I played classical guitar for the next 25 years. I started playing piano in the late 1980’s. There was a brief (5 years in the late 60’s) hiatus when I played bass in a rock band). Got tired of losing friends to drugs and since I had a degree in economics I started work as a commercial real estate appraiser for the next 40 years during which time I only played music at home or jamming with my nephew Curtis or some friends. I had a mild stroke in 2013 and that caused me to retire from work. This gave me lots of time for piano. It would appear the stroke did something to my brain as my favorite jazz recordings started to sound different to me and I started composing like I never could before. All of the songs on the site were written in the last 9 months by a geezer! Out of something bad has come something good. I’m having the time of my life! Thanks for asking!

  8. Hi Chuck, Wayne referred me to your site. Wow! Your music is very impressive…. most pleasant to listen to. We had some conversations when you were talking with Wayne and Tack on 15. Keep up the great work! Jim W6YA

  9. I heard you talking to W0UA today on the 40 meter band (I broke in when you two were having your Uber conversation. My call is K7JBL). So here I am. Great tunes and a really nice job with the recording. I worked as an audio engineer in Seattle for 20 years (80’s and 90’s). Again, good job.

  10. Phil, thanks for your Uber help on 40m. Great sig to central Cali. Very much appreciate your taking the time to check out the site and provide some great feedback. Cheers & 73

  11. Dropped Claudia at kickboxing and let the tunes roll for an hour in the parking lot. Keep ’em coming. Great work!

    Nephew Davo

  12. Hello, I am akihito, JK1PIU. Zen san referred me to your site. Greate music! I really enjoyed and am relazxing with your music.
    Thank you and 73 from Yokohama, Japan.

  13. Akihito san, thank you very much for your kind remarks. It is a great pleasure to know that my music is being enjoyed in Yokohama. Hope to have the pleasure of talking to you on amateur radio sometime. 73’s!

  14. Great Music, a mutual friend Jim Mc Cook pointed me in your direction (W6YA) thanks for sharing your music with us. Neil K6UIP

  15. Fantastic music. Wayne 3W7W gave me the link. I am a frequent visitor here. Enjoy it so much. Thanks Chuck. 73, Gintas LY2KW

  16. Thank you very much, Gintas! As I’m reading your message I’m waiting for Wayne to arrive for a visit. Very pleased that you enjoy the music. 73’s.

  17. Hello Chuck,
    My father, Zen, shared me the link.
    Thanks to your music, I had a relaxing car drive back home to Southern CA, humming along.
    My favourite is Doesn’t Matter.

  18. Hello Zuki, thank you for your feedback! Doesnt Matter is one of my favorites too! My thanks to Zen san for sharing the link.

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